Internal Pipe Blasters

Internal pipe blaster are, as their name states, units used to clean and blast the internal diameter of pipes. Choose from two models depending on your unique applicaiton.


Storm Machinery’s SpinBlast has been uniquely designed to be able to blast a surface profile on the inside of pipes. The SpinBlast’s rotary head revolves as it is pulled through the pipe, successfully blasting the internal diameter of the pipe and creating an anchor pattern.


Storm Machinery’s HollowBlast has been specifically designed for light blasting and efficient cleaning of smaller pipes. The HollowBlast is an internal pipe blasting unit fitted with a 27 degree deflection tip.

Grit rebounds off of this tip and is able to clean the internal diameter of pipes. The HollowBlast is not ideal for achieving surface profiles but is recommended for blasting with fine steel grit.

Origin Mining distribute these fine brands throughout Africa


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