LinaShield by Perspex

Perspex South Africa has pushed the boundaries in creating LinaShield, a highly durable yet flexible product suitable for use in harsh environments including mining, transportation and farming.

LinaShield has been developed for high abrasion applications.
LinaShield is a thermoplastic polyurethane sheeting that exhibits similar properties to rubber and traditional thermoplastics. It has been specifically developed to provide outstanding resistance to abrasion, strokes and penetration of sharp objects and is also resistant to oils, greases and many solvents and fats. LinaShield performs well in harsh weather and high-energy radiation as it has elasticity in broad temperature ranges.

LinaShield increases productivity by reducing downtime.
Because LinaShield outlasts conventional materials used in high abrasion applications it is able to help increase the productivity of heavy-duty equipment or machinery by reducing downtime.

LinaShield displays impressive versatility.
Its flexible make-up allows it to be used for a wide variety of applications such as wear linings, belts, screens, conveyors, magnetic separators and silos. Industries that can benefit from LinaShield's hardy properties include Mines, Copper casting plants, Thermal power stations, Transporation and Farming. Other benefits include:

  • - No skin irritation

  • - No plasticizers which enhances its longevity compared to rubber

  • - Perfect for welding and bonding

  • - Excellent low-temperature impact strength

  • - Reduces vibration on bushings, bearings and other truck suspension elements

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