Who We Are

Based in Gauteng - South Africa, Origin Mining Services are a multi-faceted company providing solutions for high wearing and abrasive mining conditions. 

We seek to offer our clients exceptional service with and through enhanced performance and technically superior products, ensuring that clients have access to the technology that will significantly reduce their cost and increase their global competitiveness. 

We have extensive reach into various African markets, where we service Central, West and East African countries. Our sound technical expertise, proven field experience and comprehensive product portfolio make Origin Mining a perfect choice for your abrasive and mining requirements.

Why Choose Origin Mining?

  • Expertise: Origin Mining employs leading specialists with local and international experience and the ability to focus on the finer details.
  • Versatility: Origin Mining provide a seamless approach for problem solving and idea generation, by providing a team of experts covering each area. Great consideration is also placed on other integrated areas, ensuring a bigger picture approach is always in full view.
  • Focus: We focus on the areas of greatest risk, rather than simply addressing all issues in equal detail.
  • Local knowledge: Origin Mining is a South African company employing local experts who understand local cultural and legislative practices.
  • Product support: Our product knowledge has been key to our growth, with R & D at the forefront of our mission. We excel in offering sound advice on equipment selection, spare parts recommendation and stock availability, along with excellent logistical stategies in place to have parts available, minimizing downtime on site.


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